Some beautiful things that touch my heart last weeks:

#1 This picture of the white sand of Lagoa Bonita (Brazil) by David Burdeny #2 Pure, simple and  peaceful interior design by Susanna Vento of Varpunen #3 This perfecto leather jacket by Acne Studios #4 The new AW14/15 collection for kids by Caroline Bosmans #5 La Filia i la Fobia, new album by Joan Colomo #6 This quote from the book "The year of the death of Ricardo Reis" by José Saramago via Kilian Jornet FB #7 Autumn. An awesome collage by Patricia Bolinches #8 Cereal, a lifestyle and travel magazine #9 Home, a wooden puzzle by Joran Briand for Cinqpoints
via Petit & Small #10
This lovely Tooth Fairy pouch by Evie Barry.

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