Impressionant el projecte "The new world" de Geebird&Bambi recreant edificis i ambients ficticis amb un realisme i detall al·lucinant (basats en edificis reals). Inquietantment preciós.

Awesome project "The new world" by Geebird&Bambi

Geebird&Bamby is a venture of Robert G. Achtel (1980) and Jens Bambauer (1981). The partnership was initiated in 2009 with the primary objective to create, manufacture and distribute "The New World" as an original visual design product. It is based on the partnership's architectural photography from California, Nevada and Florida. Achtel and Bambauer work from their studio in Wiesbaden, Germany. (...)

The seemingly familiar reality of "The New World" is inspired by the magnificent body of work showcased during the post war era and the later 20th century in the fields of Photography, Architecture, Film and Design. 

Geebird & Bamby

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