Long life to leopards! Grooooarrr!

Fa unes quantes temporades que ens acompanyen els estampats de lleopard i continuen amb nosaltres estiu i hivern en forma de samarretes, vestits, leggings, mitges, jaquetes, bambes... Ben combinats, dónen un aire rebel i un punt punk molt interessant.

A few seasons with us and still remain as summer or winter leopard print shirts, dresses, leggings, tights, jackets, snkeakers... With a good clothing combination, we can make a rebel and punk look.

Music: Pearl Jam | Animal

Look de rue enfant by Milk Magazine

Zara kids

2 comentaris :

  1. nice looks!
    and i love that song :)

    1. When I was younger, I didn't like animal prints very much... but this revival of leopard print is really trendy and nice! ;) Oh! Pearl Jam...they are great! Thank you! :D