Ja fa un any des que la Joana va debutar en el món de la dansa participant en el seu primer festival. Era del dia Internacional de la dansa, com avui. I com avui, va ploure i van haver d'aplaçar-lo per al dia següent.

Per recordar aquest dia tant important per la Joana, vaig voler fer aquest dibuix, publicant-lo en aquesta entrada.

It's been a year since Joana debuted in dance, participating in her first festival. It was the International Dance Day  as today is. And as today, it rained and had to postpose the show for the next day.

To remember this important day for Joana,  I wanted to do this drawing, publishing it in this post.

Llavors no sabia quantes coses bones i boniques em portaria... Per celebrar que avui també és el Dia Internacional de la Dansa, vull recuperar altres fotografies que vaig fer aquell dia i un esbós inicial que vaig fer abans de decidir-me per aquest. Espero que us agradi! Visca la dansa! 

So then, I did not know how many good and beautiful things would give me this drawing... To celebrate that today is also the International Dance Day, I want to retrieve some other pictures I took that day and an initial sketch I did before. Hope you like it!

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  1. This is by far my favorite drawing by you. It's so cute and I love the shimmery material of the skirt, it's so pretty.

    Please read my blog: http://teaspoonofpolkadots.blogspot.com/ a new post is coming up soon.

    I'm a big fan, I wish to see your comments on my new blog as I am always going to be a fan. n_n
    I wish I could learn to use technology to draw :(

  2. Hello Wafa! Oh! Thank you very much, you are very kind ^-^

    Oh, it's new your blog! Congratulations! Of course you will learn to use technology to make your drawings! I'm self-taught illustrator! So, if I do it, I'm sure you can also do it! Your doodles are very pretty and sweet so, go for it girl! :D

    Thanks for your nice words again!